The EMDS is proud to offer four possible awards:

1. Biannual EMDS Prize (€ 5000)

This prize will be awarded to a young scientist for excellency in the field of macrophage or dendritic cell biology.

2. EMDS Conference Travel Awards (max. € 800)

Members of the EMDS (below the age of 35) are welcome to apply to the President of the EMDS.

3. Poster Prizes (€ 200)

During the Annual EMDS Meeting, Poster Prizes will be awarded to the first authors of the best presentations.

4. Research Travel Scholarships (max. € 1000)

Young members of the EMDS who intend to visit a foreign laboratory for a short period of time (e.g. in order to learn a certain technique or to perform research in a collaborative research project) can apply for Research Travel Awards.